The Gaza War Cease-Fire is a return to status quo

hamas1It pains me that most Palestinians continue to opt for short term thinking. Most are desperate for the smell of victory so they can pat each other on the back and pass the Kunafa dishes around.  They’re more focused on boosting their pride by shouting slogans and poetry verses than confronting their own naked reality of lack of strategy, lack of leadership, and lack of self-examination to improve their effectiveness. It reminds me of this very intelligent woman who had a great potential. She also had such a low self-esteem from her body image that it consumed all of her mental energy to a point of obsession.  She would do anything to illicit a superficial compliment on her looks and any compliment she receives would be a cause of a week-long celebration.  She has forgone her most valuable strength, her brains, for the sake of a superficial momentary victory for her body. Whenever she fails in something, she blames it on her looks. I couldn’t stop thinking if she only turned off her need for superficial matters and focused on her strength, she won’t have to suffer so many failures in her life.   So goes the Palestinians.  They let these superficial voices from the internet and from street demonstrations go to their head while most world leaders and organizations aren’t giving them any support.  They opted for complements about their endurance and steadfastness to claim a victory rather than focus on their unity, changing their leadership, and building a strategy to combat Israel’s plan to extract more of their lands and divide them further.  They are now celebrating the victory for being allowed to live another day so Israel can take another run at them in a year or two.  They achieved none of the 6 demands that Khaled Mashal stated in his press conference in Qatar at the start of the war. No blockade will be lifted, No prisoners will be released, No seaport or airport will be allowed to operate, No free passage from Gaza to the West Bank, and No lifting of fishing restrictions (only a 6 miles extension will be allowed).

According the NY Times,  the deal did not have any reference to Gaza’s Rafah’s crossing with Egypt opening, only a vague description from Egypt’s Foreign Ministry was presented afterward talking about  “an independent Palestinian state to achieve peace and security in the region.”

Sadly, all my predictions about this war have come true.  Israel will not get rid of Hamas because they need them to justify their occupation of Gaza. They need them to test new weapons and military strategies for gorilla wars.   Netanyahu wants only to cut the grass and keep the blockade going indefinitely for the purpose of distracting Palestinians from his settlement expansion in the west bank.  The west bank conversion is Israel’s biggest prize and where Jews have biblical ambitions. Gaza can serve to take attention away until the conversion is complete and no viable Palestinians state will be possible. The solution will then becomes Gaza as a unitary state for Palestinians, while Israel will include the West Bank Arabs as second class citizens under their governance with Abbas as their tribal chief and a loyal Israeli enforcer.

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