Gaza war thoughts: For the love of Palestinians, Hamas MUST GO.

kerry-netanyahuIt is now clear.  The relationship between Israel and Hamas is symbiotic.  Netanyahu and the Israeli Right have every intention to keep Hamas and the militant Islamic elements in Gaza sufficiently strong to fight, but sufficiently weak not to be a real threat. The occasional fireworks show will do.  Hamas brings so much financial, moral, and political support to Israel while the current Israeli government bring legitimacy to Hamas internally and among short sighted Islamists in the region.  Israel now is in a very comfortable position of receiving US aid, military contracts, and a blind eye from the western governments to continue apartheid practices with impunity. It has sympathy for rejecting peace deals with the PA and sabotaging the peace process.    I heard recently that some rich Arab governments have offered Israel financial support to conduct a ground war in Gaza on the condition of wiping out Hamas and Islamic Jihad. **I can assure you they will not.**  Hamas is a cash cow for them and Gaza with useless rockets coming out of it is a great ground for military experiments and live target practice.  Israel has survived all these years by its military power, it will not give up the image of a military with superior technology any time soon. It needs it as a deterrent for Iran and Syria and anyone else who thinks to mess with them, and it wants a permanent battle field to show it in the open. 

In the final analysis, actual peace is a real threat to Israel. It will allow some light to shine on its apartheid racist state and the need to resolve the occupation. It will diminish their excuse that “everyone around us wants to kill us and we just want to survive.”  But most importantly, it will save lives in Gaza and possibly give them some relief from this constant threat so they can develop a little.  Some cynics will say that Israel will find another excuse to bomb Gaza.  Yes, they will try, but it will not be long before they are exposed and have to back down.  There are many examples of successful passive resistance in modern history.  They take time and patience, but they can succeed. The Islamic mentality on the other hand is: Keep fighting and Allah will give you victory.  My question to them is: Is there a time limit for waiting for Allah’s victory or is it open ended?  Because the last time it worked out for you was about 900 years ago in the battle of 7itteen (Hattin) and your enemy was much weaker and divided and the west was in the very dark ages.

The dynamics here are becoming obvious by the day and the world is catching on.  Hamas must Go and Gazans, just like they put them in power, must take them out of power.  Unfortunately we all know they cannot. Any help from the outside will come with a heavy price no one wants to pay and only few, if any, have interest to give it anyway. 

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