Cometh the Hour of Armageddon

Housing prices are hitting record lows but has anyone checked the prices of caves lately? I bet they are tracking the price of Gold which hit all time high of $1,600 an Ounce. Really!! Yes people are hording Gold and bidding up Cave prices as we go forward to the ancient primitive past! I haven’t checked the prices of goats lately, but I bet they are rising too. My daughter is learning to make soap in summer camp now, this should come handy as Mankind regresses to cavemen (or cavewomen, just to stay politically correct while modernity lasts)

So what’s the heck is happening in the financial world? Well, remember that Fear feeds on itself. Fear is addictive, once you get a taste of it you will find yourself seeking it in everything you see. Of course it does not hurt if you are a news junkie and you cannot decipher news from noise. The fact of the matter is most people cannot. And here lies the problem. We have desperate politicians like Ron Paul and his son hourly on the news scaring people just so they can sell their agenda or get reelected. You have broadcasters who don’t even bother hiding their agenda and follow-up their news scares with an ad to buy Gold. But the biggest idiots of all are those who allow that garbage to pass through their eardrums and contaminate your brain cells. The consumer who forms dumb perceptions and then complains when they turn into reality, is unworthy participant in the economy.

The world is NOT breaking apart, unless a large group of idiots conspire to break it up. Since there is no shortage of those, my plan is simple; weed these laggers on the evolutionary scale out of the economy, let them sell-out and go to their caves and herd their goats. Tell them to Sell and stay out. Ladies and gents, please take your fill of fear, sell your money-making investments and buy Gold, run to the hills, and be afraid .. very afraid .. I am buying, 10 cents on the dollar.. but you get the GOLD!

Al Sabawi

About Al Sabawi

Consultant Software Designer/Developer. Investor in Technology. Working on Quantopix Equity Analysis system. MySQL, Oracle, IBM DB2, PHP, C/C++ Java script.
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