Are there bargains in the slaughter house??

I’ve been watching mobile technology and tablets “derivative” stocks.  Please avoid the top names mobile and tablet makers for now (especially Apple), they already had their run and they need a couple of super positive surprises just to maintain their stock prices.  However, I think there are gems in the derivatives which include components makers, accessories manufacturers, and specialized tooling companies.  I have been talking about ZAGG for a while and despite today sellout, ZAGG is up yet another +10%.  I could not help it!! I sold ZAGG today with +30% return.  Not too shabby for 3 month investment!  But all the while I was asking myself what is next?

Well, I really could not find a similar opportunity so far so I decided to look at my old list of companies and do some bargain analysis.  Here are the 3 stocks I think will bounce: CRUS, OVTI, and GLW.  Those three are plays on AAPL, RIMM, MMI and and others in the space. They should benefit from the rise in sales of mobiles and tablets no matter which platform makes it to the top.  In this grim market, we don’t have a lot to choose from, so these may be the best I can find so far. Cash is not an option!! I still like MSFT and added DELL today to my buy list.


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